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SubjectRe: Uncle Sam Wants YOU!
Kurt Maxwell Weber <>:

> I'm going to take a break from lurking to point out that I am not
> dissatisfied with Windows. It has its uses, as do Linux (and NetBSD, and
> Solaris, and the other operating systems I have installed at home).
> I don't have a problem with Microsoft. If I don't like their
product, I'm
> free to choose not to use it.

So as a user you are free to not use M$ products.
What if you are IT. Then you do not have a choice.

I have been working as a Computer Tech for approx 5 years.
When I first started (before that period actually, I speak of my Jr high
I liked MS, if only b/c it was better than the other Intel solutions
(This is approx 1993 or 1994). When OS/2 came out, I thought it was
a joke (My father had it on his computer, I couldn't even get the calculator
to run).

When Win95 came out, I finally got to hate M$. Then I discovered Linux
and now I have a great dislike for M$ and their products.

I appreciate that as a user you may have a choice. As a tech or MIS/IT,
I don't have
a choice. As such I believe that I have been "damaged" by M$.

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