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SubjectRe: Uncle Sam Wants YOU!
Jim Roland wrote:

>>>Get real, look at all the moronic things that various linux distributions
>>>Is this a reason to hate linux and demand the head of Linus as
>>>for your troubles?
>>>This kind of attitude, and you wonder why MS attacks linux.
>>Why would that make MS afraid of Linux. It should simply make them
>>ignore them (b/c presumably this would make Linux harmless)
>Actually if you would read the tech-news articles closely, you will see they
>are attacking Open Source including the GPL license, not specifically Linux.
>Linux is a threat by default because it's very heavy in GPL.
Are you responding to me here, or to the previous statement?

I admit that I may have made a mistake in how I said some things, and
may have confused some people about how I feel about M$.

M$ is not all bad. Some of their productsa re good. Without M$s efforts
in the past Linux couldn't be as successful as it is, b/c M$ made the
IBM clones very cheap, by licensing their products they made PCs into a
huge market.
(Yes, it could be argued that somebody else could have taken their
place, their niche. _PLEASE_, try to understand my general points,
instead of nitpicking inconsequential points.)

I have a problem with M$ getting into the application business, and with
their insistence on making mediocre software and then bundling it w/
Windows. I wish they would focus on their operating system and make it
good, make it right.

Now it is also arguable that perhaps their is little money in pure
kernel/OS. And they can make more money w/ apps. But other companies
have to sell their products by the merits. M$ just sells their name.
Good for business. bad for customers. Sometimes I think that M$ could
sell us programs made by monkeys and still make money, as long as the
programs work w/ Windows (presumably the OS couldn't be by monkeys,
there has to be something of quality to sell).

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