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SubjectRe: Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

>_I_ think it's childish to claim the above. You _may_ have a choice, yes, but
>is that choice equal or fair? Microsoft has infected both the user area as
>much as the business/work area. If you want to purchase a PC because your
>computer just fried and you want to finish a paper or something, but you
>_want_ to use KOffice on Linux, and you don't care for Windows/Word
>whatsoever, what are the chances that if you run down to the computer store
>your "choices" will be Windows/Word, _period_! You'll then have to make sure
>that none of the hardware in it is Software driven-like winmodems-and that
>it's supported by Linux (or whatever OS you prefer). Almost all computers out
>there (from well-known compianies) ship with winmodems. How is that a choice?
>You have a choice to waste $70 on a harware modem, when someone who uses
>Windows doesn't?
> Marius Nita

I'm not about to defend MicroSoft, but I will say this:
When it comes to getting PC's, the best solution is to build your own.
You pick the parts you want, you choose the software to install.
This way you are sure to get a standard machine, and you get the
original CD's and manuals that make up the software.
Of course, the best bet in that area is to just download Linux from your
favorite FTP site and not worry about spending money on Microsoft products.

-- Ted

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