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SubjectRe: Break 2.4 VM in five easy steps
Daniel Phillips writes:
> On Wednesday 06 June 2001 10:54, Sean Hunter wrote:
> > > Did you try to put twice as much swap as you have RAM ? (e.g. add a
> > > 512M swapfile to your box)
> > > This is what Linus recommended for 2.4 (swap = 2 * RAM), saying
> > > that anything less won't do any good: 2.4 overallocates swap even
> > > if it doesn't use it all. So in your case you just have enough swap
> > > to map your RAM, and nothing to really swap your apps.
> >
> > For large memory boxes, this is ridiculous. Should I have 8GB of
> > swap?

Sure. It's cheap. If you don't mind slumming it, go and buy a 20 GB
IDE drive for US$65. I know RAM has gotten a lot cheaper lately (US$66
for a 512 MiB PC133 DIMM), but it's still far more expensive. If you
can afford 4 GiB of RAM, you can definately afford 8 GiB of swap.

> And laptops with big memories and small disks.

That's not that common, though. Usually you get far more disc than RAM
on a laptop, just as with a desktop.


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