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SubjectRe: Break 2.4 VM in five easy steps

>Furthermore, I am not demanding anything, much less "priority fixing"
>for this bug. Its my personal opinion that this is the most critical bug
>in the 2.4 series, and if I had the time and skill, this is what I would
>be working on. Because I don't have the time and skill, I am perfectly
>happy to wait until those that do fix the problem. To say it isn't a
>problem because I can buy more disk is nonsense, and its that sort of
>thinking that leads to constant need to upgrade hardware in the
>proprietary OS world.

This would reflect the Microsoft way of programming:
If there's a bug in the system, don't fix it, but upgrade your hardware.
Why do you think the requirements for Windows is so great?
Most of their code is very inefficient. I'm sure they programmed
their kernel in Visual Basic. The worst part is that they get
paid to do this! I program in Linux because I don't want to be
associated with that mindset that made Microsoft such a [fill in the blank].
As for the 2.4 VM problem, what are you doing with your machine that's
making it use up so much memory? I have several processes running
on mine all the time, including a slew in X, and I have yet to see
significant swap activity.

-- Ted

P.S. My faithful Timex Sinclair from the 80's never had swap :-)

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