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SubjectRe: Defective Red Hat Distribution poorly represents Linux
On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 08:53:19AM -0500, Charles Turner, Ph.D. wrote:
> I was terribly wrong. This Red Hat version is irrevocably defective.
> (3) It "sort of" worked. However, network daemons kept
> dropping core. X would eventually crash, leaving the
> terminal in an unusable state, etc.
> (4) It is impossible to build a known working kernel on the
> machine because the linker, `ld` crashes:
> This shows that the problems are not because of a
> defective machine.
> I speak only for myself, which is enough of a problem.

The only thing defective I can see here is you:

1. You posted this to a totally inappropriate mailing list.
2. You posted with a tone that shows you are totally uninterested in getting
help with your problems.
3. You have failed to use the proper support channels.
3. You trouble shooting skills are defective:
If you think that a Linux distribution that works just fine for test of
thousands of people fails to a buggy linker then you are a fool.

Just because it works with other software doesn't mean that the
memory is good. If you have a single bad bit, then you are very
sensitive on alignment a different piece of software may have no

But why should I expect anything reasonable from a poster at (apologies to those there who have improved!) :)

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