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SubjectRe: Defective Red Hat Distribution poorly represents Linux
Wrong list, but this needs to be set straight. Please send any further
problem reports about Red Hat Linux to

> I was terribly wrong. This Red Hat version is irrevocably defective.

With the exception that it works for everyone else.

> (1) It will not create a bootable disk because it forgets
> to load scsi_mod.o, and sd_mod.o before it loads
> aic7xxx.o

This doesn't happen here. It's supposed to use modprobe, which
automatically finds these dependencies.

> /etc/conf.modules was found to contain only aic7xxx
> as an alias for scsi_hostadapter.

How did you install that?
From a relatively fresh 6.2 install (this box doesn't have any SCSI
controllers or soundcards):

# cat /etc/conf.modules
alias eth0 3c90x
alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc

> (3) It "sort of" worked. However, network daemons kept
> dropping core. X would eventually crash, leaving the
> terminal in an unusable state, etc.

Are you sure the hardware is ok? Applications that usually work well
dumping core is usually a sign of bad memory or overheated CPUs. See for more detailed information.

It's either this, or you've added customizations that don't work, or
you've used a CD someone has tampered with.

We know of _many_ servers running Red Hat Linux 6.2 with an uptime ever
since they first installed.

> (4) It is impossible to build a known working kernel on the
> machine because the linker, `ld` crashes:

Same as (3).
I've been using 6.2 until 7 was released, I usually compile about 25
packages a day, and I've never seen ld crashing.

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