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14 May 1999

  Re: 2.2.8_andrea1.bz2Andrea Arcangeli
  Re: [RFT] 2.2.8_andrea1 wake-one [Re: Overscheduling DOES happen ...Andrea Arcangeli
[New] oopsen + compile warnings for 2.3.1pre3Philip Armstrong
  [Godwin] Re: Kernel Nazis/LinBSD (was Re: Slashdot shitheads)Alexander Viro
  Re: 2.3.1-pre3 breaks hfs filesystemTim Smith
  Re: Something wrong in 2.2.8?????"Michael H. Warfield"
  Re: 2.2.8_andrea1.bz2Chris Evans
[New] ugly crash with 2.2.8 UPGabor Lenart
  Re: The -ac patches and 2.3.0(Matthias Urlichs)
  Re: System mapWard Vandewege
  Kernel Nazis/LinBSD (was Re: Slashdot shitheads) [email protected] ...
  Re: Likely cause of EAGAIN in connect() in 2.2.8??Matthew Wilcox
  Re: Quota bugsJan Kara
[New] problems compiling w/cd-changer patch (2.2.8)Robin_Smidsrød
  Re: 2.3.x wish list?"Fred Reimer"
  Re: Likely cause of EAGAIN in connect() in 2.2.8??Andi Kleen
[New] >1024 descriptors in 2.2.8Brian
  Re: System map"Richard B. Johnson"
[New] SMP stuck on TLB IPI (2.2.7)Thomas van Gulick
  Re: 2.2.8_ikd1.bz2David Grothe
  Re: 2.2.8_ikd1.bz2"Paul Fulghum"
  Re: 2.2.8_ikd1.bz2 (resend)David Grothe
[New] Re: what is the "best" RAID 5 scsi controller?Jeff Morris
  Re: 2.3.x wish list?(Jonathan Corbet)
[New] PROBLEM: oopses w/ 2.2.x, HD iface related?Eric Benoit
[New] [PATCH] Make isdn4linux compile again in 2.3.1pre4Andi Kleen
  Re: Quota bugsSimon Kirby
[New] kernel-2.3.1pre3: Another wq bug: drivers/block/ide.cHorst von Brand
  Re: Quota bugsSimon Kirby
  Re: [VFS] move active filesystemMatthew Wilcox
[New] Re:better /proc/interruptsTigran Aivazian
  Re: 2.2.8_andrea1.bz2Andrea Arcangeli
[New] Re: FIX top [was Re: strange idle%]"Albert D. Cahalan"
  Re: Knfs & EXT2 syslog error messages"G. Allen Morris III"
[New] Oops in 2.2.xBruce Harada
  Re: OOPS in 2.2.8 buffer code (bdflush related)(Christian Balzer)
  Re: group perms on /dev/pts/*(H. Peter Anvin)
  Re: Alpha Timekeeping - Hardware QuestionsRichard Henderson
  Re: 2.3.x wish list?Malcolm Beattie
[New] Disk MTBF"Mike Black"
  Re: JitterBug for 2.3(Alexander L. Belikoff)
[New] Tunneling in 2.[2,3].xMartin Josefsson
[New] 2.3.1-4: wait-queue patch for isdnSteffen Zahn
[New] PATCH: 2.2.8 romfs ramdisk crashes kernel"Adam J. Richter"
[New] [Fwd: winmodems]Alexandre Hautequest
[New] non removable files"Paolo Galtieri"
  Re: Slashdot shitheadsAlexander Viro
  Re: Swap File sizesStephen Frost
  Re: Svar: Re: kernel ooops... no timeout on findStephen Boulet
[New] [NEARTOPIC]Linux Kernel definition"none"
[New] [2.2.8] Division by zero in TCP code. Found the place.Oleg Drokin
[New] DMA/CMD-646 problemIan A McDonald
  Re: [RFT] 2.2.8_andrea1 wake-one [Re: Overscheduling DOES happen ...Phillip Ezolt
[New] Ouch! with kernel 2.2.8 [email protected] ...
[New] [2.2.8] Division by zero in TCP v4 Code.Oleg Drokin
  Re: wishlist for 2.3.xStephen Frost
[New] 2.3.1-4 oops on quotaonMyles Uyema
[New] sendfile()(John Myers)
[New] Quota for kernel 2.2?Paul Jakma
  Re: Something wrong in 2.2.8?????"Gregory T. Norris"
[New] update, bdflush & 2.2.9"David M. Ronis"
[New] RE: [VFS] move active filesystem"WANG,YIDING (HP-SanJose,ex1)"
[New] Re: Linux & NFS caching: reducing TCOJamie Lokier
  Re: [VFS] move active filesystemAlexander Viro
  Re: PATCH: rewritten bdflush -> hangKurt Garloff
  Re: [2.2.8] Cyrix Coma bug?Rafael Reilova
  Context switching [Re: Test program: DU good Linux bad]Daniel Podlejski
  Oops, sorry for the spam.. (was: Re: 2.3.x wish list?)Matti Aarnio
  Re: Something wrong in 2.2.8?????Steve Willer
[New] Organization: How Kernel is relased"none"
  Re: [Godwin] Re: Kernel Nazis/LinBSD (was Re: Slashdot shitheads)Alexander Viro
  Re: Something wrong in 2.2.8?????(Miquel van Smoorenburg)
  Re: PATCH: rewritten bdflush(Rogier Wolff)
  Re: Alpha Timekeeping - Hardware QuestionsRichard Henderson
[New] Stupid MS challengeGregory Maxwell
  Re: [PATCH][2.3.0] Read-write locks instead semaphores on UTS str ...Jan-Simon Pendry
  Re: Potential 2.2.8 scheduler bugsAndrea Arcangeli
  Re: All the problems with 2.2.8/2.3.x and bdflush/updateAndrea Arcangeli
  Re: wishlist for 2.3.xNathan Hand
  Re: A challenge to linux"Sylvain Gitta"
[New] kernel read-write semaphoresMarcelo Tosatti
[New] Re: 2.2.8pre6, can't run ZMAGIC binaries(david parsons)
[New] 2.3.1_andrea1.bz2Andrea Arcangeli
[New] pre2.3.1-5 wq oops (setserial)Pete Clements
[New] RE: A challenge to linuxGreg Smart
  Re: sendfile()Jakub Jelinek
  Re: >1024 descriptors in 2.2.8Brian
  Re: linux CVS repositoryKeith Owens
  Re: [RFT] 2.2.8_andrea1 wake-one [Re: Overscheduling DOES happen ...Andrea Arcangeli
  Re: Slashdot shitheads(Zygo Blaxell)
  Re: 2.2.8_andrea1.bz2Chuck Lever
  Re: 2.0.36+ac-pre-37-11 blocking xntpdRoman Drahtmueller
[New] Some patches still missing in 2.3.1pre4Horst von Brand
[New] Re: 2.2.8pre6, can't run ZMAGIC binariesJamie Lokier
  Re: 2.2.8_andrea1.bz2Andrea Arcangeli
[New] Forcing a Crash Dump LogDan Yocum
  Re: PATCH: rewritten bdflushSteve Willer
[New] Wish ListRik van Riel
[New] SBLIVE DriversShadow Boxer
  Re: [2.2.8] undefined reference to `disable_irq_nosync' (+ fix)Andrea Arcangeli
[New] Re: 2.3.x wish list?"G. Sumner Hayes"
[New] [patch] awe_wave waitqueueAndrea Arcangeli
[New] RE: problem building ksymoops"David M. Ronis"
  Re: 2.3.x wish list?Nils Vogels
[New] knfsd 1.3.1 is released.(H.J. Lu)
  Re: [CFT] sysv driver updateMURALI N
  Re: Alpha Timekeeping - Hardware Questions"David S. Miller"
[New] AWE / sound + APM wq fixes.Thomas Wouters
  Re: Question: mount options for iso9660Jens Benecke
  Re: pre2.3.1-5 wq oops (setserial)Linus Torvalds
  Re: wishlist for 2.3.xAlan Cox
  Re: [Patch:] for Kernel 2.2.7: bugfixes for ISO-FS, Atari partitWolfram Kleff
[New] Neighbour table overflow in 2.2.6Robert Jones
  Re: [2.2.8] Cyrix Coma bug? <[email protected] ...
  Re: Ken Thompson interview in IEEE Computer magazine (fwd)(Kai Henningsen)
  Re: 2.2.7 - brief net loss, message loggedMatthew Kirkwood
  How can I and others get involvedMichael Cunningham
[New] in_device.flags usage, and "tagging" interfaces"B. James Phillippe"
  Re: PATCH: rewritten bdflushJeremy Fitzhardinge
  Re: >1024 descriptors in 2.2.8Jordan Mendelson
  Re: [2.2.8] undefined reference to `disable_irq_nosync' (+ fix)Ivan Kokshaysky
  RE: A challenge to linuxBrian
[New] Multiple swap partitions listed wrong"Robert Ekl"
[New] A challenge to linuxBrian
[New] pre-2.3.1-5 smbfs typoPete Clements
[New] Re: Patch to speed recalculate loop in scheduleDimitris Michailidis
[New] compile problem with 2.2.8kees
  Re: Potential 2.2.8 scheduler bugsDimitris Michailidis
[New] PPP problem in 2.3.1-4"Tim Box"
  Re: The -ac patches and 2.3.0"Matthias Urlichs"
  Re: >1024 descriptors in 2.2.8CaT
[New] Re: >1024 descriptors in 2.2.8Brian
  Re: ApologyMatthew Kirkwood
[New] [patch] 2.3.x ide.c waitqueueAndrea Arcangeli
[New] pardevice programming?Kev
[New] NCR53875, SMP, 2.2.x: comiles, does not bootBill Anderson
[New] RE: 2.3.x wish list?BROWN Nick
[New] Re: Where?Jeff Garzik
[New] masq + VPN tunnel rules? weird lack of routing...Jeff Garzik
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