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SubjectRe: Slashdot shitheads

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Mark Constable wrote:

> wrote:
> >
> > Why was the release of 2.3.0 kernel announced on slashdot? Now we'll get
> Because it's 1999 and that's the nature of the net, deal with it.

Sorry, you are off by six years. It's September 1993.

> > How about we break 2.3.1 (intrdouce some serious disk corruption) to teach
> > them the errors of their ways!

Tempting, but... That Would Be Wrong(tm). Besides, it would make life
inconvenient for everybody, not only SplashSnotters.

> !@#$% so like you have exclusive rights to the kernel and this list or
> something. If *YOU* lot gathered here put out a decent and timely
> PRESS STATEMENT then that would have been willingly splashed everywhere.

<raised brows> Do you realize that 'lot gathered here' has some connection
to the kernel development? After all, it's what this list is about...
As for the "splashed everywhere" - does it occur to you that it's exactly
what makes your lot so disgusting? [Profound apologies for usage of 'your'
if you are not a SplashSnotter yourself, indeed] Slashdot is a noise
generator and it does its worst to create a bad name to every community it
happens to, erm, embrace. Small wonder that objects of their attention are
not amused...

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