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Subject[Godwin] Re: Kernel Nazis/LinBSD (was Re: Slashdot shitheads)

On Thu, 13 May 1999 Godwinated the thread and wrote:

> Perhaps we should rename Linux to LinBSD and establish a politburo
> censorship committee. We can thus shield ourselves from the good
> ideas and hard work that originates among the unwashed masses.
> Open Source cannot possibly benefit from scrutiny by those who frequent
> Slashdot, eh? I wonder... does the same criticism we apply to Slashdot
> also apply to those who frequent this list...

Scrutiny? Why, if you are going to help doing VFS audit I would be *glad*
to accept your help. I'm sure that VM and networking folks would also
happily accept such assistance.

> It seems that the "inner circle" of kernel developers concur with your
> argument. The truly important LinBSD discussions are now appearing
Wow. BSD became a dirty word... Impressive.
> less and less frequently on this list. Maybe the real work is being done
> in some secret meeting place where the signal to noise ratio is lower.

Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep... BTW, ITYM "higher" ;-)
Not really. And There Is No Secret Meeting Place.

> Congratulations people, you have already achieved that which you wish for.
> The strength of Open Source derives from the practice of TEACHING OTHERS
> If you advocate exclusionary development practices then lets sell LinBSD
> rights to some commercial interest with deep pockets and make some
> real money.

Thank you for nice demonstration of the reasons why I can't make myself to
respect slashdot regulars. Paranoia and political drivel.

> Otherwise, please climb down from your high horses, help some newbies
> along in their trek to enlightenment, and welcome their help in our quest
> for world domination.

For WHAT??? Maybe *you* need a world domination. I'ld prefer a
really good OS.

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