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25 Nov 1996

  Re: ...Greg Alexander
  Re: Lynx spinning. Kernel problem?Gevan Dutton
  Re: SCSI - seagte/fd-850 Questions.Craig Schlenter
[New] Stable kernel versionsVajra Yoo
  mcopy problems. <[email protected] ...
  Re: Bugs and wishes in memory management area(Matthias Urlichs)
[New] IPv6 and IP aliases in 2.1.1[23]"J. Sean Connell"
  Re: Accessing copy_to_user() from interrupt handler?(Matthias Urlichs)
[New] Newbie module question <[email protected] ...
[New] Termcap.h problem(Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler)
[New] 2.1.13 problemsNick Bruton
[New] "trapdoor uid"?(Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler)
[New] GB vs. MB(Harald Koenig)
  IPv6 and IP aliases in 2.1.1[23]Pedro Roque
  ARGH!! (Re: Big security hole in 2.1.10+)Andreas Schwab
[New] Caci)
  Re: your mailSebastian Benoit
  Re: Qic02 module patch(Matthias Urlichs)
  Re: K
  Re: 2.1.13 wierd....Bas Mevissen
  Re: i386-ELF-xquake-1.06 (was Re: Strange 2.1.11 bug)Bas Mevissen
[New] 2.1.1x broke aic7xxx_asmGeorge Byrkit
[New] Re: Caci)
[New] swap weirdness(Harald Koenig)
[New] Linux 2.1.13List User
[New] Re:Qic02 module patchTekno Soft Snc
  Re: size of zipped patches"Daniel A. Taylor"
  Re: 2.1.x and Diamond Stealth breaksRodrigo Feher
  Re: mcopy problems.Josh Richards
  Re: EDO Memory Blues"Nicholas J. Leon"
[New] New qic02 patchTekno Soft Snc
[New] 2.0.26 ISDN/teles compile problems"Michael K. Johnson"
[New] SMP in 2.1.x broken(Clemens Huebner - Sun Germany Technical Solution Center - Munich)
[New] TCP/IP Checksumming"Richard B. Johnson"
[New] Updated sysctl patch for 2.1.13Farzad FARID
  Re: 2.1.x and Diamond Stealth breaksBrian Epstein
[New] RE: Cyrix 6x86Mike Jagdis
[New] filemap.c:wait_on_page() problem & questionIngo Molnar
  Re: Q: NTFS?(Martin v. Loewis)
[New] Re: your mailTrevor Johnson
  Re: filemap.c:wait_on_page() problem & questionIngo Molnar
[New] file descriptors once againAndi Gutmans
[New] Mirror of Kernel DirectoryDavid C Niemi
[New] A minor bug in sr_ioctl.c for 2.1.13? [email protected] ...
[New] Gravis Ultrasound and I/O errors....Joseph Wade Breu
  Re: Bugs and wishes in memory management areaJean Francois Martinez
  Re: your mailGerd Knorr
[New] 2.1.13 xmit_timerMichael Brennen
  Re: Lynx spinning. Kernel problem?(Alan Cox)
[New] Quake! To be or not to be, that is the question! :)KRSE
[New] udp port route unreachableLawrence Chim
  Re: aarrggghhh !!!!Rob Glover
  Re: Bugs and wishes in memory management areaJon Tombs
[New] CD-ROM Audio?Greenie
[New] compile problem(s)Zachary Maas
  Re: IPv6 and the "average user"Matthew J Ghio
  Re: file descriptors once againNeil Moore
  Re: your mailNathan Bryant
  Re: file descriptors once againJared Mauch
[New] Re: Quake! To be or not to be, that is the question! :)Charles Beyer
  Re: TCP/IP ChecksummingTom May
[New] Re: your mail"Gregory S. Youngblood"
  Re: IPv6 and IP aliases in 2.1.1[23]"James W. Laferriere"
  Re: A minor bug in sr_ioctl.c for 2.1.13?Greenie
  Re: your mail"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  Re: your mailGreg Alexander
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