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SubjectNewbie module question

Hi ,

I am trying to develop a module to do a certain task. I have modified
the make files appropriately. When I build the modules and the main kernel
everything goes well. When i do a depmod -a -e it does not show any unresolved
symbols. But when i try to load the module insmod says that the kernel
version is needed but was not found. (This is inspite of the fact that
I built the kernel without version number support #undef CONFIG_MODVERSIONS)

Can anyone help me??
This was in kernel 2.0.22
PS: I have also looked at the /proc/ksyms file. The symbols listed there
are without a number following them. Also all the symbols that my module will
need is listed in /proc/ksyms.
thanx in advance

Balaji Srinivasan

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