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SubjectStable kernel versions

Hi, gurus and hackers.
I'm novice at kernel hacking, and have little knowledge
about system programming. So I found it's too hard to find
out what I want to know from this mailing list.

What I want to know is which version of kernel (in 2.0.x
series) is stable and reliable. And what are the differences
between those 'minor-upgraded' kernel versions.

I have
CPU: Pentium-90
RAM: 32M
SCSI adapter: AIC7850
SCSI HDD: Conner CFP1080s
SCSI CD-ROM: Matshita CR-504
Ethernet: AMD PCNET Family (PCI)
Sound Card: SB16

I installed Slackware 3.1 and compiled 2.0.0 kernel. It
seems to work fine until now except a few strange minor errors.

Waiting for your reply,
J. H. "Vajra" Yoo

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