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SubjectRe: Linux logo
On Fri, 3 May 1996, Mark Lehrer wrote:
> > > > Check out lin64.jpg in Sunsite's incoming directory. It is
> > > > very well done.
> > >
> > > Does anyone with a fireproof vest and a good drawing hand want to
> > > try a picture of the BSD daemon flat out on the floor with stars
> > > around its head and a penguin in boxing gloves standing on top ?
> hmm. i don't think FreeBSD is the "adversary" here, but Windows 95
> certainly is. how about a penguin smashing in a window or something?

I think that people outside 'the chosen lot' don't even know what BSD is,
_everybody_ knows Windows. How about take this little rascal from the MAD
magazine, replace the face with a picture of Linus, make ears big enough
for hanggliding, remove some teeth, add freckels, fill the pockets of his
kneelength pants with some suitable stones and let him loose,
stoning the Windows ofcource.. :)

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