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SubjectRe: Linux logo

On Fri, 3 May 1996, Steve Ulrich wrote:
> While I understand the rivalry between the Linux development efforts and the BSD efforts.
> I don't really think that much is to be gained by a logo that degrades another.

I have to agree. Alan's logo would be kind of funny, but not really done
in the best taste. Now you hopefully all know I like penguins, so I
finally copied my favourite penguin picture to the ftp
site, where it now sits in pub/Software/Linux/Kernel/v1.3 along with all
the kernels.

I have no idea of the copyright status of that picture - I found it on
another ftp site (thanks Alan for pointing me towards it), and if you're
running X, you should add this line to your .xinitrc:

xv -maxpect -rbg '#f0eebe' -ncols 128 -root -rmode 5 -quit \
$HOME/penguins/ccpenguin.jpg &

(obviously after having ftp'd the "ccpenguin.jpg" file and put it in your
"penguins" subdirectory - you DO have one, don't you?)

Now, due to copyrights etc we can't use this as the linux logo, but think of
this penguin as THE Killer Penguin, and you'll be in the right frame of mind
for doing a real linux logo.. This is a penguin with an ATTITUDE (I don't
know exactly what the attitude is, but it's definitely there).


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