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SubjectRe: Linux logo
Shinanyaku ( wrote:
> I agree. Let's not attack entirely different systems, but those who
> are direct "competitors" with Linux. With the exception of BSD (we're
> both trying to do the same thing, right?)
> Something involving SCO, Sun, Ultrix or any other *Nix (hopefully
> commercial).

I simply *don't* get it. SCO, Sun etc all are doing the same thing. Like
Andries Brouwers already has said.... it's gotta be a positive one. Anything
else is out of question.

There is no reason at all to bash any other alternative, how bad you dislike
it. Every operating system/environment has it's positive things as well as
it's drawbacks and linux is definitely not different from the others in this
respect. Thinking that LINUX is *the* operating system for anyone is a wrong
assumption to start with.

Agaian, I vote for sensible logo's and definitely no offence to anyone's
product. It's tasteless, highly unwanted and causes people to turn away from
Roeland Th. Jansen <> (2:2802/105.1)

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