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SubjectRe: Linux logo
Speed Racer was heard saying ....
> On Sat, 4 May 1996, Tyson D Sawyer wrote:
> > > hmm. i don't think FreeBSD is the "adversary" here, but Windows 95
> > > certainly is. how about a penguin smashing in a window or something?
> >
> > Sounds like a _much_ better idea to me!
> i always thought we were trying to fight high-priced Unixes, not
> completely different operating systems. a lot of us are stuck with Win95
> let's have a david & goliath thing. linus can be standing with his

I agree. Let's not attack entirely different systems, but those who
are direct "competitors" with Linux. With the exception of BSD (we're
both trying to do the same thing, right?)

Something involving SCO, Sun, Ultrix or any other *Nix (hopefully

Let's not reduce ourselves to mudslinging (there's enough of that with
the Presidential Elections already).

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