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SubjectLyX: A great word processor/Was Re: Linux logo
On Sun, 5 May 1996, Speed Racer wrote:

> as the only way to get certain things done (word processing et al.) and
> win95/MSWord is certainly cheaper than any Unix + Framemaker or whatever
> else. (okay, maybe the win95 platform isn't as stable, but i'll take a

Actually, I think far too many people are overlooking LyX. LyX is an
excellent word processor/text formatter. It is implemented as a front end
to LaTeX so you get absolutely beautiful typeset documents from your word
processor. It all looks much nicer than the output from M$ Word. I'm
hoping the LyX team will get it in a distribution soon. I'm tired of
people saying there is no good word processor for Linux. I've written
several papers in LyX and it's worked beautifully. The latest beta version
even has a formula editor in it to take advantage of LaTeX's excellent
mathematical typesetting ability. <evangelist> I was hesitant to throw out
my windows partition for a long time because I needed some way to do
papers. I was quite happy to retrieve that disk space and throw out
windoze forever. A lot of people are turned off by Linux because they
cannot find a decent word processor. This is a chance to make Linux look
even more attractive and lure people away from the evil that is MS.

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