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SubjectRe: Linux logo
	As much as I started out thinking the original penguin standing over
a dazed daemon was cute, I changed my thinking alot and agree with this
position very strongly. The original idea may have been cute as a joke
but not appropriate for a logo.

Leonard N. Zubkoff enscribed thusly:

> My personal feeling is that we need something professional looking that makes
> us look to be at the same level as all those other operating systems, or better
> still above them. Here's a comment I wrote at that time:

> "...I had something a little more elegant and symbolic in mind. Perhaps a
> circular earth with LINUX appearing somewhat like one of Saturn's rings, or an
> earth projection with a LINUX banner. The idea being to symbolize the
> international nature of the Linux effort. Or I suppose we could be daring, and
> go for a space motif and an interplanetary or interstellar effort. <grin>"

I don't know about elegant, though. That really doesn't sit well.
Professional and humorous (or cute) would work.

How 'bout a grinning (ccpenguin grin?) penguin with a globe in his
lap wrapped in his arms like a beach ball? Sort of an Opus with teeth
and the world in his arms?

The more I've thought about the logo issue, the more I've come to
agree with those who are arguing against any of the smashing windows or
dazed daemon ideas. These are cute as inside jokes but we are already having
a problem with outsiders viewing us as headstrong zealots. Nothing wrong
with "cute" and I love the penguin idea, but we just shouldn't have something
adversarial as our logo. A "funny" logo, done tastefully, could work wonders
for publicity. BSD certainly has gotten a lot of miles out of their little

The Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts ran into some problems getting our Linux
EXPO promoted by a local newspaper and there were some complaints about
religious fanatics in our ranks. It doesn't help our cause at all and only
turns outsiders off. Next time we go back to that newspaper, we're going to
have an even HARDER time convincing them to do anything after one bad

For a professional logo, we've got to avoid any use of "competators"
logos. As cute as it is, it really isn't appropriate. In jokes (and maybe in
some promos / teeshirts) such things may be ok. The logo should be all OURS.
We don't want to promote the others by negative inferrence. It should also be
totally positive. Smashing something or appearing combative does not convey
a positive impression.

Let's leave the tossed/dazed daemons through windows logos or
whatever for the silly teeshirt brigade.

> Leonard

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