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SubjectRe: ALSA vs. OSS
On Monday 19 January 2004 19:21, Travis Morgan wrote:
> I have a soundblaster Live Value card. I can no longer control the

I also have a SB Live!, and it doesn't work with ALSA at all - the AC97
codec doesn't load. I haven't taken the time to track it down as it does
work just fine with OSS (under SMP at that).

> output level through my digital out. With OSS my PCM volume used to
> affect both the headphone jack and the digital out. With ALSA it affects
> only the headphone jack.

That's a purely firmware thing with this card; you should just have to
load the right patches. I don't know whether there is a loader utility
for alsa, though. Perhaps the old utils will work?

Anyway, even if it's not working for me at the moment, it's still the
superior architecture; just wait until the bugs affecting your specific
situation are ironed out and userland utilities are available...

MfG, Ulrich

Heinz Ulrich Stille / Tel.: +49-541-9400463 / Fax: +49-541-9400450
design_d gmbh / Lortzingstr. 2 / 49074 Osnabrück /
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