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SubjectALSA vs. OSS
Hello list,
I wonder what's the difference with ALSA and OSS. I have tried both,
someone may say that ALSA is much better than OSS, but with my
experience with ALSA I wouldn't say that, I would probably say it should
be removed from the kernel totally.

So, what are the reasons for ALSA to become "default" in 2.6?
I know it gives somekind of nice features, but ALSA didn't let me to
open two sound sources (like XMMS and Quake3) at the same time, so I
guess it is not really done yet, or is it?

Ignore this if you don't care.
"Software is like sex, it's better when it's free."
Markus Hästbacka <midian at ihme dot org>
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