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SubjectRe: GGI and cli/sti in X
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > No, I'm not very impressed with people who think they have to
> > rewrite the whole world in order to fix a few small problems.

Torgeir Veimo <> wrote:
> Well, the issue of direct OpenGL rendering which was discussed about
> one or two months ago is not solveable inside XFree86. The issue is
> graphics context switching during task switching. It is semirelated to
> VC switching. This was the reason I startet on a GGI driver for cards
> that can do this in the first place.

Of course one option is to extend X.

And, since The Open Group seems intent on making X11R6.4 non-free software,
it's probably a good time to start ignoring the official process for X

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