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SubjectRe: GGI and cli/sti in X
On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Kyle Cronan wrote:
> > I tried this on my machine, which is a 486 (ghasp!), with memory limited
> > to 8 MB. I started a compile (of binutils), then started X, started
> > loading netscape 4.04, and then ran a find /. I was logged in on 4
> > consoles and there was needless to say a lot of swapping, but no matter
> > how fast I switched VCs the machine didn't crash. I probably switched
> > back and forth from X to console at least fifty times while netscape was
> > loading. Obviously it was pretty slow, but switching to console and back
> > actually got faster as I did it more and more. At the end I killed -9 the
> > X server, no problems.
> You killed it on a text console, or in the Xserver. I assume that you
> killed it on a text console, where this is the normal behaviour. (The
> X server restored textmode when you switched away, and kill -9 doesn't
> give it time to do something sneaky anymore :) ).
> Try this from on xterm in the Xserver *g*
You're right. Honestly I had never thought to do this before, and now
that I think about it there's really no reason the X server could or
should restore you to the console in this situation anyway.
It crashed bigtime when I did this.

Just so I understand this better, what exactly would have to go in the
kernel for it to be able to restore text mode in this sort of situation,
or perhaps if it is given some kind of keyboard signal.


> >
> > I have a Western Digital WD90C24 graphics adapter, and granted it was not
> > in high res. Although it's quite possible this is a unique case, perhaps
> > the problems with X crashing could more easily be solved by just fixing
> > the bugs in the X server code which has problems, because mine definately
> > doesn't have those problems.
> Again. kill -9 the the server from inside X.
> >
> > Also, I was impressed by the fact that in 8MB ram and 20 MB swap, while I
> > was compiling and such, netscape still loaded after several minutes, and
> > the machine, although it's only a 486, was still decently fast. This was
> > in 2.0.33--I think I'll try it in 2.1.90 for comparison.
> Yeah, I know, it's incredible how well linux handles resources :)
> Andreas

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