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Subject[PATCH-next 00/20] gpio: gpio-omap: set of fixes and big clean-up
Hi Linus, Russell, Tony, All,

This series contains set of patches from Russell King which were circulated
internally for quite some time already and I fill it's reasonable to move
future discussion upstream (and also avoid rebasing).
Fisrt two patches are fixes and the rest are big, great clean up
from Russell King.

Personally, I like this clean up and refactoring very much and don't want
it to be lost.

Code can be found at:

Russell King (20):
gpio: gpio-omap: ensure irq is enabled before wakeup
gpio: gpio-omap: fix lack of irqstatus_raw0 for OMAP4
gpio: gpio-omap: remove remainder of list management
gpio: gpio-omap: clean up edge interrupt handling
gpio: gpio-omap: remove irq_ack method
gpio: gpio-omap: move omap_gpio_request() and omap_gpio_free()
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify omap_gpio_get_direction()
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify get() method
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify get_multiple()
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify set_multiple()
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify bank->level_mask
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify read-modify-write
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify omap_toggle_gpio_edge_triggering()
gpio: gpio-omap: simplify omap_set_gpio_irqenable()
gpio: gpio-omap: remove dataout variation in context handling
gpio: gpio-omap: clean up omap_gpio_restore_context()
gpio: gpio-omap: constify register tables
gpio: gpio-omap: clean up wakeup handling
gpio: gpio-omap: irq_startup() must not return error codes
gpio: gpio-omap: clean up register access in omap2_set_gpio_debounce()

drivers/gpio/gpio-omap.c | 497 ++++++++----------------
include/linux/platform_data/gpio-omap.h | 2 +-
2 files changed, 161 insertions(+), 338 deletions(-)


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