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SubjectProposed stable release changes
Hi all,

Given that I had to just revert a patch in the recent stable releases
that didn't get enough time to "bake" in Linus's tree (or in -next), I
figured it was worth discussing some possible changes with how "fast" I
pick up patches for stable releases.

So, how about this proposal:

- I will wait for a -rc to come out with the patch in it before putting
it into a stable release, unless:
- the maintainer ACKs it, or sends it directly (like DaveM does
for networking patches)
- I have seen enough discussion about a patch to show that it
really does fix something / is good / doesn't cause problems.
- obviously safe, i.e. "add a device id" type thing.

Given that we have -rc releases every week, except for the initial -rc1
release, I don't think this will really cause any major delays.

Also, now that we are about to head into my busy "travel season", odds
are, I'll be at least a week behind anyway, so this would probably start
happening without an "official" change. It's been a boring summer, I've
been able to keep up with the stable stuff really easily, causing
problems like this :)

Objections? Comments?


greg k-h

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