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SubjectRe: [HW PROBLEM] Intel I7 MCE. Erratum or not?
As I said in a previous post, the boot option mce=nobootlog solved the
problem at least from live-system point of view. About the problem at
rebooting/halting time(reboot enters a cycle, halt gives an mce), do
you have any suggestion? It seems like my bios is already the most
recent version available(F3). My motherboard is a Gigabyte

On 12/8/08, Hidetoshi Seto <> wrote:
> Andi Kleen wrote:
>> The weird thing is that 301 seconds is quite a long delay for that.
>> It should happen relatively quickly at boot as the CPUs are initialized.
> Indeed.
>> When it happens consistently at each boot then yes it's likely something
>> leaking from the BIOS initialization sequence. Perhaps try a BIOS update?
> I'm not sure but is it make sense if SMI causes an error and dropped MCE
> exception without clearing error record?
> Thanks,
> H.Seto

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