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SubjectRe: [HW PROBLEM] Intel I7 MCE. Erratum or not?

> IIRC, this error is not what happen on the time [301.7320xx] during
> boot, but happen before the boot. Since the record says "Processor
> context corrupt," MCE handler should call panic(or do something stop
> the system) if the context actually corrupted during the boot.

The weird thing is that 301 seconds is quite a long delay for that.
It should happen relatively quickly at boot as the CPUs are initialized.

> In other words, it seems that 1) the error was recorded at last time
> when your machine crashed unexpectedly(by cosmic-ray etc.) and not cleared
> yet, or 2) your machine is doing something wrong in every reset/poweroff.

When it happens consistently at each boot then yes it's likely something
leaking from the BIOS initialization sequence. Perhaps try a BIOS update?


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