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SubjectFireWire update in -mm (was 2.6.21-rc4-mm1)
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Will appear later at
> git-ieee1394.patch

Just a note for readers of lkml: git-ieee1394.patch is steadily growing
thanks to Kristian Høgsberg's work on his new alternative FireWire
drivers. Recently Kristian posted preliminary patches to the popular
low-level FireWire libraries libraw1394 and libdc1394, making them
interoperable with his newly designed kernel--userspace ABI. (Mainline
Linux' IEEE 1394 subsystem features a slightly unfortunate variety of
userspace ABIs, some of them abstracted by the mentioned libraries, some
directly used.) I heard Kristian also already worked on integration
with HAL, i.e. there are now more and more pieces of the puzzle coming
Stefan Richter
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