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SubjectRe: 2.6.21-rc4-mm1
Andy Whitcroft wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
>> Temporarily at
>> Will appear later at
> [All of the below is from the pre hot-fix runs. The very few results
> which are in for the hot-fix runs seem worse if anything. :( All
> results should be out on TKO.]
>> - Restored the RSDL CPU scheduler (a new version thereof)
> Unsure if the above is the culprit but there seems to be a smattering of
> BUG's in kernbench from the schedular on several systems, and panics
> which do not fully dump out.
> elm3b239 is about 2/4 kernbench being the test in progress when we
> blammo in both failed tests, elm3b234 doesn't boot at all.

Well I have one result through for backing RSDL out on elm3b239 and that
does indeed seem to give us a successful boot and test. peterz has
pointed me to an incremental patch from Con which I'll push through
testing and see if that sorts it out.

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