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    SubjectRe: Some thoughts about stable kernel development
    > Well yes.  Two days after 2.4.20 was released we discovered a
    > data-corrupting bug in ext3. I had no means of delivering a fix for that
    > apart from sticking a bunch of patches on my web page and making a lot of
    > noise about it.
    > So there is a case for a "2.4.20-post1" release to address such things.

    This sort of points to a (possible?) simple solution. Continue everything
    as it is now, however if we ever (or rather when...) discover a serious
    security or data corruption bug in _the_ _last_ stable 2.4/6.y kernel then
    the patch for it should be posted in the same directory as the kernel as
    incremental 2.x.y-pots/bugfix/errata1 (2 etc) patch. Obviously this would
    only need to be maintained for the last stable 2.4 or 2.6 kernel (either you
    use a distro kernel or you are presumably using the latest one from a 2.x
    branch). The important part here is that these bugfixes would be
    available straight from the same source as the kernel and thus would be
    hard to miss and easy to check for.

    Obviously this could also be extended to include other non-threatening
    bugs, however this would probably be too bothersome to maintain - that's
    why I'd only post security and data corruption bugfixes this way.


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