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SubjectRe: [opensource] Re: Petition Against Official Endorsement of BitKeeper by Linux Maintainers
On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 03:14:19PM -0800, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Followup to: <>
> By author: Mike Fedyk <>
> In newsgroup:
> > IIRC, bitkeeper, is open source. It just doesn't have a free license. I
> > could be wrong(I haven't checked). If I am, someone will say so...
> A free license is a necessary, but not sufficient, requirement for
> something to be Open Source.

CVS is a very limited configuration management tool. Subversion is still
under development.

The original post was petition with only something like 8 names. Fine,
everybody read it, many put their two cents in (including myself, here).

If BK meets all the requirements, and no other product does, then don't
give it a second thought, or a second post. I don't know what BK offers,
but I do know that products such as ClearCase are *significantly* more
useful, and usable than CVS. I am looking to subversion with my fingers
crossed, by not relying on their product to end up being the next
generation of configuration management for the future.

People are free to naively believe that other people are less for
using technically superior products, merely because the technically
superior products are distributed in a means that violates their
personal preference for how products should be distributed.


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