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SubjectRe: [opensource] Re: Petition Against Official Endorsement of BitKeeper by Linux Maintainers
Michael Bernstein wrote:
> I would really examine the path you are choosing and the message you let out
> by FORCING people to utilize bitkeeper. I've already lost most of my faith
> in opensource, and in general, the whole bitkeeper issue is starting to
> squash any faith I have left.

Lets stop the fud RIGHT NOW.

Nobody is forcing anybody to use BitKeeper.

Linus still accepts GNU patches via e-mail from primary kernel
maintainers a.k.a. lieutenants, as well as "regular" kernel developers.
The pre-patches, patches, and full tarballs continue to be posted
uninterrupted, just like pre-BitKeeper.


Jeff Garzik | Usenet Rule #2 (John Gilmore): "The Net interprets
Building 1024 | censorship as damage and routes around it."
MandrakeSoft |
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