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SubjectRe: Patch to make ymfpci legacy address 16 bits
> When you write "the kernel", do you mean the driver or generic
> code? I hope you mean the driver, because I have this:
> 1. the device looks normal at power on
> 2. the driver pokes a device-specific config register
> 3. the config space header changes from type 0 to type 1
> (The class code does NOT indicate PCI-to-PCI bridge.
> You could say this is like CardBus but much weirder)
> If the kernel saves type 1 header data, cuts power using
> motherboard features, restores power, and then tries to
> restore type 1 header data into a type 0 header... the
> system will be well and truly screwed IMHO.

This reminds me of being unable to use my sound card under Windoze
after stand-by, suspend etc. (NB Win2k hibernate worked, suspend
I had disabled then).
Seems as not only linux has this kind of problems...
I don't remember _which_ card it was but I am quite sure it was
an old OPTi MAD16 Pro.


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