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SubjectRe: Patch to make ymfpci legacy address 16 bits
Hi, Jeff!

> Basically the PCI core should implement what PM is necessary, because
> eventually struct pci_driver will become a more generic struct driver.

I just wanted to make sure that you don't expect any problems if we go
this way.

> Why does maestro.c not use my suggestion? Because it doesn't use struct
> pci_driver.

I see. It's not a pure PCI driver. I wonder what happens if some other
driver becomes "impure" e.g. by adding PCMCIA support.

> Why does trident.c not use my suggestion? Only because noone has
> written and tested the patch for it yet :) It uses struct pci_driver
> and should be updated to use ::suspend/resume.

First part (writing the patch) is done:

I only know that it compiles. I have no hardware I can test it on. Please
don't apply until tested!

Pavel Roskin

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