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SubjectRe: Patch to make ymfpci legacy address 16 bits
Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hi, Jeff!
> Thanks for your very (!!!) fast response :-)
> > >
> >
> > Why not use pci_driver::{suspend,resume} ?
> I'm just a bit conservative. There are several drivers that don't use this
> mechanism, notably trident and maestro. Do you think it's safe to switch
> all sound drivers to the mechanism you are proposing?
> I'm worried about a comment in maestro.c:
> /*
> * we'd also like to find out about
> * power level changes because some biosen
> * do mean things to the maestro when they
> * change their power state.
> */
> If we switch to pci_driver::{suspend,resume}, will it ever be possible to
> add support for any messages other than PM_SUSPEND and PM_RESUME? Probably
> yes, but only in the PCI driver dispatches them.

Basically the PCI core should implement what PM is necessary, because
eventually struct pci_driver will become a more generic struct driver.
When that happens, drivers using pci_driver::{suspend,resume} will
automagically work under the new system. To answer your question, the
PCI[/driver] core should support messages other than PM_{SUSPEND,RESUME}
if they need to be supported. Right now I mostly see suspend/resume
implemented and nothing else, so that is a very straightforward
conversion to the new PCI API.

Why does maestro.c not use my suggestion? Because it doesn't use struct
Why does trident.c not use my suggestion? Only because noone has
written and tested the patch for it yet :) It uses struct pci_driver
and should be updated to use ::suspend/resume.

> > In ACPI land the kernel should save and restore the PCI device config
> > space and the PCI bus config space. It is probably that similar is
> > necessary under APM.
> I have never seen any sound driver doing that. I also know that PCI
> settings are saved by some BIOSes on some hardware.

That's because full PM support is still very much a work in progress :)
The linux-pm-devel sourceforge list has carried recent discussions, as
has linux-kernel. Patrick Mochel(sp?) @ Transmeta has posted a
hackers-only patch which incorporates my PCI PM work as well as his own
ACPI work to do suspend and resume.

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