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SubjectRe: Coding style - a non-issue
On Fri, 2001-11-30 at 16:26, Larry McVoy wrote:


> Perhaps it would be illuminating to know that I was BSD hacker,
> and that I learned the value of this particular technique from

I know. You tell us this again and again. Please stop patronizing.

> Sun's kernel group, who once upon a time were the best BSD group
> on the planet. It might also be illuminating to consider that
> this technique of getting people to listen is still in use at
> Sun to this day.

It might be enlightening to you that a closed users group of SUN coders
is not compareable to a worldwide distributed environment of thousands
of people and companies.

> Perhaps Sun's professionalism is not what you'd like to see here.#

You tell me, that SUN treated _CUSTOMERS_ and companies that wanted to
support SunOS 4.1.x like that? If yes, then I definitely know why they
went SysV. Surely noone wanted BSD any longer.

I would consider the internal development groups in SUN that treated
each other like this also "in need of a change". :-)


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