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SubjectRe: Coding style - a non-issue
Alan Cox wrote:
> > irritate the oftes so called "maintainer". Two expierences:
> > ftape and mcd I'm through....
> I timed the mcd maintainer out and tidied it anyway. I figured since it
> wasnt being maintained nobody would scream too loudly - nobody has

Wenn sorry for the missconception I wanted to insult *you*, my expierenc
in regard to this is even older...

> > BTW.> ftape (for the pascal emulation) and DAC960
> ftape is an awkward one. Really the newer ftape4 wants merging into the
> kernel but that should have happened a long time ago

It diverged too much from what's in the kernel since about already 3-4
And I don't think that it's that much better in terms of implementation
Fortunately all those floppy interface iomega streamers are
physically obsolete by now. Plese notice that ftape4 is using a
different storage format, well this is due to the fact that the
ftape inside the kernel wasn't up to the corresponding standard

> > serial.c is another one for the whole multiport support which
> > may be used by maybe 0.1% of the Linux users thrown on them all
> > and some "magic" number silliness as well...
> serial.c is a good example of the "ugly" that actually matters more, as is
> floppy.c. Clean well formatted code that is stil opaque.

floppy.c is indeed one of the best compiler test cases around there.
But personally I would excuse floppy.c a bit becouse it's dealing with
a really awkward controller interface ;-).
serial.c should be hooked at the misc char device interface sooner or
But somehow this never happened becouse nobody dared to care enough.
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