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SubjectRe: Coding style - a non-issue
Larry McVoy <> writes:

>> Al, -><- close to setting up a Linux Kernel Hall of Shame - one with names of
>> wankers (both individual and coprorat ones) responsible, their code and
>> commentary on said code...

>Please, please, please, I'm begging you, please do this. It's the only way
>people learn quickly. Being nice is great, but nothing works faster than
>a cold shower of public humiliation :-)

Cool. I can really see it. "foo inc." releases a GPL driver for Linux
and gets publically humiliated in the "linux source code hall of
shame". Perfect. I can hear the laughter from Redmond over here (and
it is 12000km away).

Press release:

"If you support Linux, you may get flamed and humiliated in public for
doing so. Don't do it."

Grow up. There is more to life than coding style that is not "Al Viro
compatible (TM)".

Sigh, sometimes, sometimes, I _really_ understand the BSD folks when
they call the Linux community "a bunch of unkempt nerds that need to
get a life". If they only would use sane init scripts. ;-)


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