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Subject2.5.1-pre2 bio offset by one error in VIA IDE

I just booted my Athlon VIA KT133 chipset box with 2.5.1-pre2 only to
discover it dropped me into single user mode because /dev/hda2 could not be
mounted. (Rebooting into 2.5.0+viro patch everything is ok, back into
2.5.1-pre2 is broken...)

Looking with hexedit /dev/hda2 when booted into 2.5.1-pre2 the first sector
contains junk, the second sector contains the real data that I see as the
first sector when booted into 2.5.0+viro fix.

That suggests to me there is an off by one error in the VIA IDE driver in
the 2.5.10pre2 kernel causing the partition to start one sector earlier
than it should.

If you would like any further information / patch testing / whatever let me

Best regards,


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