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SubjectRe: Block I/O Enchancements, 2.5.1-pre2
On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 08:45:24PM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> "Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> > 1. The changes made to submit_bh indicate I can now send long
> > chains of variable block size requests to the I/O layer similiar
> > to the capability of Windows 2000 and NetWare I/O subsystems.
> I don't want to speak for either Jens or Linus, but from what Jens was
> telling me months ago, and from my reading of Jens' earlier patches,
> this seems to indeed be the case. I've been looking forward to sending
> non-block-sized I/Os to and from a new filesystem I'm working on.
> > 3. In theory, I should be able to support page cache capability
> > for NWFS and possibly NTFS in Linux the way these wierd non-Unix
> > OS's work.
> If you are hacking on NTFS please make sure to base changes on
> "ntfs-driver-tng" in the "linux-ntfs" sourceforge cvs. It is now, as of
> the past week, completely modern to 2.4 vfs standards, and should
> support all read-only features except attribute lists.

I have a version that supports everything, including the journal,
and does not "barf" on writes. Unfortunately it's written in
"merkey code style" which is ThoseF_ckingLongAssNamesForEveryDamnFunction()
I was trained to write at Novell. Merging it into the sourceforge
version will be nasty. I have a few other projects and code I
am tardy in sending to Brazil :-). I think just letting Anton
review some of it may be a better approach. NWFS is first
up and needs to get finished and in so if I get hit by
a truck or killed by a deranged Novell employee who has
been recently laid off, someone can take maintain it.



> Regards,
> Jeff

> --
> Jeff Garzik | Only so many songs can be sung
> Building 1024 | with two lips, two lungs, and one tongue.
> MandrakeSoft | - nomeansno
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