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    SubjectRe: Unresponiveness of 2.4.16
    On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > 2.4.16 becomes very unresponsive for 30 seconds or so at a time during
    > > large unarchiving of tarballs, like tar -zxf mozilla-src.tar.gz. The
    > > file is about 36mb. I run top in one window, run free repeatedly in
    > This seems to be one of the small as yet unresolved problems with the newer
    > VM code in 2.4.16. I've not managed to prove its the VM or the differing
    > I/O scheduling rules however.


    I experienced quite the same unresponsiveness but more in the order of 4-5
    seconds since I started to use ext3 with RH 7.2 (i.e. kernel 2.4.7 based).
    I'm currently running 2.4.15-pre7 and the same momentary stalls are there
    just like with 2.4.7. It is much more visible when applying large patches to
    a kernel source tree as the patch output stops scrolling from time to time
    for about 5 secs. I never saw such thing while previously using reiserfs.
    I've yet to try reiserfs on a 2.4.16 tree to see if this is actually an ext3


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