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SubjectRe: Unresponiveness of 2.4.16
I'm running 2.4.16 with 2 IDE UDMA mode 4 drives, and I have experienced 
no such pausing no matter what I do. (which usually includes patching,
extracting, and generally messing with kernels from Eterm with XMMS
playing, and a couple mozillas open)

Nathan G. Grennan wrote:

>2.4.16 becomes very unresponsive for 30 seconds or so at a time during
>large unarchiving of tarballs, like tar -zxf mozilla-src.tar.gz. The
>file is about 36mb. I run top in one window, run free repeatedly in
>another window and run the tar -zxf in a third window. I had many
>suspects, but still not sure what it is. I have tried
>ext2 vs ext3
>preemptive vs non-preemptive
>tainted vs non-tainted
>Nothing seems to help 2.4.16.
>I tried switching to Redhat's 2.4.9-13 kernel and it acts Alot better.
>Not only does 2.4.9-13 not get the 30 second delay, but it also seems to
>take advantage of caching. 2.4.16 takes the same moment of time each
>time, even tho it should have cached it all into memory the first time.
>2.4.9-13 takes a while the first time(without the 30 second new process
>freezing), but then takes almost no time the times after that. One
>interesting thing I noticed is that with and without preemptive a
>already started mp3 playing had no disruption even during the 30 second
>windows where any new commands would get stuck with 2.4.16. I am not
>using custom
>I plan to do more testing to see how say 2.4.9, 2.4.13ac7, etc.
>Any ideas of how to fix this for 2.4.16?
>I have attached my .config.
>My system:
>Redhat 7.2 with all updates
>Athlon Thunderbird 1.33ghz
>768mb(512mb, 256mb) PC133 SDRAM
>Abit KT7A-RAID v1.0(KT133A chipset)
> Bios 64
> HPT370(bios v1.2.0604)
> Primary Master Quantum Fireball AS40.0
> Secondary Master IBM-DTLA-307045
> VIA686B
> Primary Master CREATIVE DVD-ROM DVD6240E
> Secondary Master CR-2801TE

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