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    SubjectRe: Unresponiveness of 2.4.16
    At Mon, 26 Nov 2001 14:44:19 -0800,
    Lincoln Dale <> wrote:
    > At 10:17 PM 26/11/2001 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > > 2.4.16 becomes very unresponsive for 30 seconds or so at a time during
    > > > large unarchiving of tarballs, like tar -zxf mozilla-src.tar.gz. The
    > > > file is about 36mb. I run top in one window, run free repeatedly in
    > >
    > >This seems to be one of the small as yet unresolved problems with the newer
    > >VM code in 2.4.16. I've not managed to prove its the VM or the differing
    > >I/O scheduling rules however.
    > it is I/O scheduling.
    > i have a system with a large amount of RAM.
    > it has both 15K RPM SCSI disks (off a symbios controller) and some bog-slow
    > IDE/ATA disks which the system decides to use PIO for rather than DMA. (i
    > don't use them for anything other than bootup so don't really care about it
    > deciding to use PIO..).
    > a copy to/from the 15K RPM SCSI disks doesn't show any performance problems.
    > a copy to/from the PIO-based IDE disks has the same effect -- 20/30 seconds
    > of no interactiveness -- even a "vmstat 1" *stops* for 20-30 seconds while
    > 200+MB of buffer-cache data gets written out to disk.

    I guess this problem repeatly posted...
    Is it related with IDE chip or chipset code?
    I use Athlon on KT133A plus 2 IDE disks, and I'm also experiencing
    such problem with only 1 disk. But I don't know it's PIO-based or not.

    -- gotom

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