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13 Mar 1996

  Re: imapd and synchronous writesJohn Gardiner Myers
[New] Email bounced.(Mitch Davis)
[New] Re: (3c509) eth0: Missed interrupt"Paul Slootman"
[New] Re: NFS still flakely in 1.3.71Kees Bakker
[New] * 1.3.69: Oops in NCR53c7xx (long) *Samuel Koods
  Re: A dos based Linux systemJurgen Botz
  Re: Linux isn't an operating system"Marty Leisner"
  Re: 1.3.72: spelling error(Joao Carlos Ventura)
[New] Working GreatMichael Slater
[New] Re: (3c509) eth0: Missed interruptPaul Gortmaker
[New] 1.3.73 goes ballistic(Thomas König)
[New] Re: 1.3.73 goes ballistic(Thomas König)
[New] 1.3.72 oops(Thomas König)
  Re: booting from extended partitions isn't making any sense"Marty Leisner"
[New] [SOLVED] Weird bogomips problem"David C. Niemi"
[New] Updating Boldt)
  Re: your mailBryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] Re: Diald doesn't work with 1.3.72Mike Meissner
  Re: SCSI Kernel Problem - BADSimon Shapiro
  Re: IDE Timeouts"Jochen F. Toppe"
[New] Re: psaux / watchdog combination problem ..Dan McLaughlin
  Re: SCSI Kernel Problem - BADSimon Shapiro
  Re: Diald doesn't work with 1.3.72Pete Clements
[New] Oops in NCR53c810 (1.3.69)Samuel Koods
[New] New /proc/meminfo: What is cached?(Oleg Zabluda)
[New] on debugging loadable modules..."David S. Miller"
[New] 1.3.72 looks good so farBen Wing
[New] pop mail for linux(Haim Stotsky)
  Re: imapd and synchronous writes"Theodore Ts'o"
  Re: 1.3.72 instability"Theodore Ts'o"
[New] xload strange attitude (bug?)Regis DUCHESNE
  Re: SCSI Kernel Problem - BADMichael Neuffer
[New] SMC Etherpower PCI card not respondingBret Robinson
  Re: scrollback and VT switching"David S. Miller"
  Re: system call syscall"David S. Miller"
  Re: Diald doesn't work with 1.3.72"Eric Schenk"
  Re: SCSI Kernel Problem - BAD(Scott Laird)
[New] Re: Linux-1.3.71..Aaron Ucko
  Re: the most stable kernel?(Ben Wing)
  Re: Filesystem state: not clean with AHA2940W AIC7870(Ben Wing)
  Re: Project: Balancing load between PPP connections"Al Longyear"
  Re: Duplicating a file systemBob Lanning
  Re: 3c509 driver problemMichael Meskes
  Re: BUG-fix for ftape (1.3.73)Kai Harrekilde-Petersen
[New] 1.3.73SMPAndreas Kostyrka
  Re: 1.3.72 instabilityBryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] Re: Space, speed etc...(really )
  Re: scrollback and VT switchingSpeed Racer
  Re: 3c509 driver problemSteven L Baur
[New] Re: Weird bogomips problemlilo
[New] xconfig for 1.3.73 broke(John Hansen)
[New] Linux DCE/DFS(Laszlo Vecsey)
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