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SubjectRe: [Announce] [patch] Modular Scheduler Core and Completely Fair Scheduler [CFS]

* Willy Tarreau <> wrote:

> BTW, I've tried your fork patch. It definitely helps forking because
> it takes below one second to create 4000 processes, then the load
> slowly increases. As you said, the children have to earn their share,
> and I find that it makes it easier to conserve control of the whole
> system's stability.

ok, thanks for testing this out, i think i'll integrate this one back
into the core. (I'm still unsure about the cpu-hog one.) And it saves
some code-size too:

text data bss dec hex filename
23349 2705 24 26078 65de kernel/sched.o.cfs-v1
23189 2705 24 25918 653e kernel/sched.o.cfs-before
23052 2705 24 25781 64b5 kernel/sched.o.cfs-after

23366 4001 24 27391 6aff kernel/sched.o.vanilla
23671 4548 24 28243 6e53 kernel/

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