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Subject'bad: scheduling while atomic!', preempt kernel, 2.6.1-test11, reading an apparently duff DVD-R
I got the following when trying to mount a particular DVD-R on Linux
2.6.0-test11, using an IDE DVD-RW drive, using SCSI emulation, with the
preempt kernel option enabled, and taskfile I/O:
(the middle bit was repeated several times):

ide-scsi: reset called for 133
bad: scheduling while atomic!
Call Trace:
[<c0119acc>] schedule+0x55c/0x570
[<c01259ce>] schedule_timeout+0x5e/0xb0
[<c0125960>] process_timeout+0x0/0x10
[<c02add47>] idescsi_reset+0xf7/0x110
[<c02a7b82>] scsi_try_bus_device_reset+0x52/0x90
[<c02a7c1d>] scsi_eh_bus_device_reset+0x5d/0xe0
[<c02a8368>] scsi_eh_ready_devs+0x28/0x70
[<c02a84ef>] scsi_unjam_host+0xbf/0xd0
[<c02a85da>] scsi_error_handler+0xda/0x120
[<c02a8500>] scsi_error_handler+0x0/0x120
[<c0107329>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0xc

SCSI error: host 0 id 0 lun 0 return code = 6000000
Sense class 0, sense error 0, extended sense 0
mount: No medium found

I also suspect that it is refusing to read valid DVD-Rs, but it could
just be my drive. One of them successfully mounted and then complained
about attempt to access beyond end of device, and another 6 or so
refused to mount for the same reason.

If you require any further information, please ask me.

Software: Kernel 2.6.0-test11, configured as above, Debian sid current
(glibc2.3 IIRC), mount version 2.12, athlon XP 2800+, ATI's fglrx module
loaded, sound (emu10k1) as moule, AGP, and some networking and lm_sensors
stuff (all from stock kernel).
Matthew J Toseland -
Freenet Project Official Codemonkey -
ICTHUS - Nothing is impossible. Our Boss says so.
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