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SubjectRe: 'bad: scheduling while atomic!', preempt kernel, 2.6.1-test11, reading an apparently duff DVD-R

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, Toad wrote:
> I recompiled the kernel with IDE-SCSI, preemption, taskfile, and a few
> other things disabled. With the result that it worked. But of course I
> can't _write_ DVDs without IDE-SCSI (short of obtaining a SCSI
> writer)...

Well, that "of course" shouldn't be there - it should work, using the
standard cdrecord.

You don't even need to recompile a cdrecord if you have a reasonably
recent distibution. Just use

cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc

and it should "just work".

There's been at least one report that trying to write a DVD with packet
writing (ie by just mounting it read-write and writing to it) doesn't
work. That one seems to be due to the generic cdrom.c code getting the
size of the disk wrong. There was a patch floating around for testing, but
I never got any feedback on that apart from the original success story.

But if you have a DVD-R, then that shouldn't even be an issue, methinks.

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