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    SubjectRe: 'bad: scheduling while atomic!', preempt kernel, 2.6.1-test11, reading an apparently duff DVD-R
    On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 12:49, Toad wrote:

    > I've been completely unable to get cdrtools to compile... The version in
    > debian is 2.0a19, which works with IDE-SCSI, and doesn't work without
    > it. The RPM from the oss-dvd extension site doesn't work either without
    > IDE-SCSI. Nor does dvd+rwtools. Anyone attempting to write DVDs will
    > have real problems if IDE-SCSI is removed, judging by this experience.

    I've been running 2.5/2.6 kernels since June and I've been able to use
    cdrecord (2.x) from RedHat Rawhide/Fedora Core to burn CDs and DVDs
    without ide-scsi the entire time. I currently have
    cdrecord-2.01-0.a19.3 installed (probably from Fedora devel) and it
    works like a champ.

    So long ide-scsi!

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