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    SubjectRe: Disgusted with kbuild developers
    "Eric S. Raymond" wrote:
    > Let's suppose we ignored this point for a moment. Let's also suppose
    > that what you were demanding were not rendered horribly painful and
    > perhaps impossible by the difference between CML1's imperative style
    > and CML2's declarative one.
    > How the hell do you possibly think I could possibly stay motivated under
    > that constraint? Nobody is paying me to do this. I'm a volunteer; I
    > need to produce good art, not waste time slavishly recreating old errors
    > just because a few people are unreasonably fearful of change.

    If you are not prepared to evolve the system, you are not familiar with
    kernel development... Prove that CML2 is good and needed by breaking it
    up into steps, reaching the final goal... Good ole Al Viro's patch
    progressions are an excellent example to emulate :)


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