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SubjectRe: Disgusted with kbuild developers
On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> Jeff Garzik <>:
> > I consider CML2 an albatross now, and the maintainer does not listen to
> > feedback.
> New FAQ entry:
> * Eric doesn't listen to feedback.
> Bill Stearns observed in February 2002 that "Eric has been very good
> about folding in changes". In response to feedback from the kernel
> mailing list, Eric has:

Eric has selectively listened to feedback he found interesting and still
persist in resisting most others.

You ignored mine so far, even if they are like the ones made by many others.

Make the whole thing ___***IDENTICAL***___ to CML1.
Do a formal translation of CML1 into CML2.

Show us that you are clever enough to do so, even if it's not particularly
interesting and challenging to you.

Show us that you can listen to this simple feedback.

Acknoledge that the feedback went through.

Don't tell us that's not doable. Do it and show us that you can do a
perfect translation of CML1 into CML2 with all CML1 structural flaws.

Submit that, and only that.

Do you copy? Please acknoledge that you listened to this very feedback.


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